New Products

We continue to broaden our product base through developing new products and obtaining product approvals.

Pedestrian Count-down display

Aldridge Traffic Systems (ATS) Pedestrian Count-Down Display (PCD) utilises the latest in microprocessor and LED technologies to provide a cutting edge product. The PCD has been manufactured in accordance with the standard in Pedestrian Traffic Signals in RTA Specification TSC/4. The PCD is powered by 240Vac (or 42Vac in 42Vac version), which is taken from the signal lantern (typically the RED standing man / Don't Walk lantern used to flash the clearance period).

42 V Traffic Lantern

To make our roads a safer place, using extra low voltage (ELV) for traffic application is the future trend. As various road transport authorities begin to convert all traffic control electronics to 42V AC, ATS has developed a range of 42V AC traffic signals. As 42VAC is rated ELV, traffic operators and on site installers avoid the risk of electrical contact. These signals comply with AS2144:2002 and are IP65 rated. There are also a series of EN12368 compliance models for international applications.

Incandescent Retrofit LED Lantern (IRLL)

ATS has developed a simple but effective retrofit module to replace old incandescent light bulbs with LED, utilising the Incandescent Retrofit LED Lantern (IRLL). IRLL retrofits will result in the reduction of operational cost, improved optical performance, a longer life span and energy efficiency.

Shuttle Traffic Signals

ATS has developed Shuttle Traffic Signals (STS) utilising the latest in microprocessor and RF technologies. The STS is typically used on construction or road work sites where two-way traffic is reduced to a single lane that is alternated between directions(Shuttle Operation).It can be used anywhere there is a requirement to converge two-way traffic down to a single lane, such as a car park entrance or a truck loading dock etc.

Portable Roadside Technology (PRT)

The portable roadside technology product range includes Portable Traffic Signals (PTS), Flashing Arrow Signs (B&C) and Variable Message Signs (VMS).

Portable Traffic Signals (PTS) are the product of in-house research and development. The PTS is typically used on construction sites or road work sites where two-way traffic is reduced to a single lane that is alternated between directions (Shuttle Operation). In addition the PTS can also be used in situations where traffic flow needs to be stopped in both directions to allow large vehicles or plant equipment to be moved on and off the work site (Two Way Crossing operation).

ATS Flashing Arrow Signs - Type B and Type C flashing arrows are in compliance with specifications AS/NZS4192: 2006 and RTA FAS/5.The signs are designed for roof mounting on vehicles or purpose built trailers. They are fully self-contained to provide advance warning and directional traffic information whilst keeping down power consumption.

Variable Message Signs (VMS) utilise high brightness LED technology. They are powered by two high efficiency solar panels with battery backup for long term standalone operation. VMS includes user friendly Windows programming software which allows versatile message display as well as graphical display.

Media Release

30 October 2013. The NSW Premier, Barry O'Farrell, announced a further cut to WorkCover premiums. The NSW Business Chamber has been a vocal advocate of workplace reform. The announcement was made at Aldridge Traffic Group in Rhodes, Western Sydney. The business is a member of the NSW Business Chamber.