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Design Engineering Department

Design Engineering Department with Photometric laboratory

Electronics Facilities

Our modern electronics division encompasses a fully equipped PCB production line, from component loading to soldering and testing. We have six fully automated printed circuit board loading machines including high speed LED placement for our traffic signal sub assemblies.

The division has the capacity to manufacture all of the electronic sub assemblies used in our LED traffic signal lanterns and traffic signal controllers. All machines are housed in an ESD compliant clean room. In addition the division includes a service and repair centre which ensures prompt repair and servicing of accident damaged products.

Lantern Production Line

Strategically located in the centre of our manufacturing operations, this production facility takes raw materials and sub assemblies and transforms them into finished product ready for shipping. All of our traffic signalling products are assembled on this modern production line, which utilises ergonomic pneumatic tooling to maximise the efficiency and comfort of our operators.

Plastic Injection Moulding

Aldridge Traffic Systems has an in-house facility for producing moulded plastic products. We have a diverse range of nine injection moulding machines, from 110T to 650T, which allows us to mould using small single cavity tools up to large products utilising multi-cavity tools. Our highly qualified and skilled team mould with a wide variety of plastic compounds including Acetyl, Glass-filled Nylon, Polycarbonate, and Acrylic. We specialise in the moulding of technical grade optical components along with high strength impact resistant housings. Our investment in capital equipment includes the latest in dehumidifying and raw material delivery systems.